Union County Historic Water Works2023-09-12T16:04:57-04:00

Union County Historic Water Works

Union County

Union County Historical Society is renovating and repurposing one of their historical buildings on the main street in Liberty, IN. The building is offered to area crafters, artisans, and small business owners to showcase and sell their product, as well as serve as “visitors center”.

The building will also serve as seasonal farmers market location (outdoors on the property grounds) and a place to host art events and classes. There hasn’t been any opportunity in our county for small producers and artisans to showcase and sell their goods – until this past summer when the Waterworks Market opened after bare minimum renovations. Currently, 16 local artisans/vendors rotate in the limited space.

The tourist traffic through our community presents huge potential for demand/clients, especially in summer season. This project will create an inviting community environment, expand amenities, improve quality of place & life, promote entrepreneurship among artisans and crafters, promote arts & culture. It builds the variety of amenities in our region. The Historic Water Works project has a strong potential to incubate new small businesses while supporting residents in their passions.

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