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Switzer Square

Switzerland County 


Switzer Square is a 41-unit affordable rental housing complex that targets disabled persons and elderly located in the town limits of Vevay, Indiana. Switzerland County Housing Inc. (SCHI) owns and operates the complex. SCHI was formed in 1975 for the creation of affordable rental housing for seniors and disabled persons in their community. At that time there were no other affordable rental housing complexes available and Vevay, the county seat (Switzerland County), was the perfect location to provide and develop such a complex.

In 1977, Switzer Square was constructed and in the early 1980s they added onto the complex to make it the 41-units it is today. There have been no major renovations or updates completed since this time.

READI funds will update the bathrooms to be more accessible and allow residents to “age-in-place” increasing their quality of life.

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