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Ohio County Pop-up Pavilion

Ohio County 

Ohio County Tourism has been working on a “Pavilion & Pop-Up Project” at the Visitors Center since Jan. 2020 with the goal to become a “Community Space” to attract tourists and engage locals by providing space for events, education, and retail and be available for group tour coaches when frequenting Rising Sun. To date, the Project has been utilized (all at no charge) as a Saturday Farmer’s Market since 2020, and a variety of community events. “Promotion under the Pavilion” is held for area businesses that serve Ohio Countians during food truck visits in the Visitors Center parking lot. This free opportunity encourages area businesses to come out and meet with the public to promote their products/services.

READI funds will pay for outdoor restrooms (2-3 stalls). The electrical is already in place to handle additional items, with the exception of what is needed to hook up the amenities to the existing electrical panel. The Ohio County Pavilion & Pop-Up Project started in Jan. 2021. Completion is slated by Dec. 2024 or mid-2025.

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