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North Dearborn Water Expansion

Dearborn County, Ripley County, Franklin County

The North Dearborn Water Authority (NDWA) is a not-for-profit water utility that provides reliable drinking water service to approximately 2,200 homes, Sunman Dearborn School Corporation, businesses, and industries. The NDWA service area is primarily located in Dearborn County, with a quantity of customers in Franklin and Ripley County. Importantly for the I-74 Corridor, the NDWA serves areas along Interstate 74 where economic growth is projected.

Southeastern Indiana REMC and Hoosier Energy completed their site development evaluation for Dearborn County, Indiana on July 8, 2021. This report identified approximately 20 sites immediately adjacent to water mains identified by the NDWA to extend north of I-74 immediately west of St. Leon.

This project will be phased out as follows:

Part 1 – Phase 1

Phase 1 focuses on the NDWA Water Treatment Plant. NDWA has already secured an Indiana Finance Authority State Revolving Fund loan for necessary upgrades to its water treatment plant located in the Whitewater River aquifer in Franklin County. This water treatment plant upgrade is necessary to support forecasted growth in the State Road 1 and St. Leon corridor. This portion of the project began June 18, 2022 and is expected to be completed by September 18, 2023.

Part 1 – Phase 2 Engineering

Phase 2 includes completed engineering and easements of proposed water line extensions along North County Line Road, Central Drive, and Post 464 Road in Dearborn County, Town of St. Leon. Approximately 25,000 linear feet of 8-inch to 12-inch main will be installed and provide better water main looping, volume, and pressure. The County Line Road water main will allow for looping to water mains along State Road 1. Central Drive and Post 464 water mains will further distribute water south of this new North County Line Road Water main to provide greater water pressure and volume on the north side of I-74 just west of St. Leon.

Part 2 – Phases 3 Engineering

The next part of the project is to engineer and design further build-out of NDWA’s system to growth areas in both Dearborn and Franklin counties. Phase 3 would expand an existing NDWA 4-inch water line from St. Peters Road to the Southgate Business Park Site in Franklin County’s TIF district. NDWA requests $160,000 in READI funding for engineering of Phase 3. This project would begin with procurement of engineering services in November-December 2022. It is expected that engineering would begin and be completed by April 2023.

Part 2 – Construction advertisement and bidding

Once engineering for Phases 3 is completed by April 2023, North Dearborn Water Authority will work with their engineer to prepare and advertise a bid package for the construction of Phases 2 and 3 water lines extensions.

Part 3 – Construction of Phases 2, 3

NDWA will receive construction bids for Phases 2 and 3 in May or June of 2023 in requesting funding allocation to enable hiring of a construction contractor and installation of the proposed new water lines.

The project READI funds will contribute to water system, engineering & design, and bidding/construction administration.


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