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Liberty Theater

Dearborn County 

The City of Lawrenceburg Redevelopment Commission purchased the vacant Liberty Theater property located in the downtown historic business district as part of a revitalization strategy. Business in the downtown historic district depend solely on visitor/resident spending. The project intends to renovate the property; thus, activating this long dormant historic landmark as the region’s premiere showcasing venue with professional events space, cultural arts and programing, destination eateries and bar environments. The result is a cultural engine contributing to a vibrant, revitalized downtown, attracting storefront businesses, visitors, and new talent to our region.

Lawrenceburg’s award-winning Civic Park has hosted events bringing large crowds during warmer months and the Liberty Theater will allow for cultural events to happen year-round with an indoor venue. The Lawrenceburg Redevelopment Commission executed a lease agreement with Thigmotrope LLC, who will operate the theater and has the option to purchase the property in 5 years.

Construction began in 2023. The site is located in a community disproportionately impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, within a HUD-designated Qualified Census Tract (tract # 803.02). READI funds will be used to pay for heating and cooling, electric, and plumbing. The remainder of the renovation costs will be financed by the City of Lawrenceburg.

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