December 23, 2021

After the announcement last week (12/14) of the READI Funds awarded to each region, the IEDC (Indiana Economic Development Corporation) has already begun the process of assisting in the use of those funds. We just received communication from IEDC as to the next steps.

First, will be a meeting on January 11 with representatives from all regions for a general introduction to the READI program goals and mechanism for implementing our plan. They will discuss assisting us in prioritization of the projects based on the impact they will have on the region’s economy and on meeting the state’s goals for the READI Initiative.

IEDC is also ready to assist in finding additional sources of funding from other state agencies as deemed appropriate.

Second, there will be another meeting with the SEI READI Region on February 4. This meeting will be more focused on our plan. It will provide a chance for more specific discussions of our plan projects, get initial feedback from IEDC, and discuss how IEDC envisions working with us as we move forward with implementing the plan.

Third, there will be training provided by IEDC that is geared toward ensuring the funds are spent to achieve the best result for the region and meet the goals of the READI Initiative. IEDC envisions this training taking place throughout Q1 2022. We might expect to start funding projects after Q1 2022.

This is great news and gives us a timeline for expecting projects to begin moving forward. We have a lot of work to do to make this exciting plan a success. We are fortunate to have been awarded the $15,000,000 of the READI funds and to have the expertise provided by IEDC and their partners to help us make this a truly transformative process for our communities.


SEI READI County Economic Developers