Golden Road Infrastructure2023-11-16T12:00:51-05:00

Golden Road Infrastructure

Franklin County 

The Golden Road Infrastructure project entails the extension of natural gas utility infrastructure expansion in Franklin County, serving new, existing and expanding businesses and homeowners within, near and adjacent to a county TIF district and industrial employment center. This extension would bring natural gas service for the very first time to approximately 80 homeowners and businesses, on Oxford Pike, State Route 101 and along Golden Road. Potential customers include existing and growing manufacturers, an INDOT subdistrict facility, and a regional healthcare provider making a significant investment in a new facility.

Additionally, the expansion allows for future residential, commercial, and industrial economic development in this strategically located area as a result of being able to provide potential future growth opportunities with an enhanced infrastructure profile for the region. Current homeowners and businesses using propane and electricity to heat their homes and businesses, fuel appliances and other business applications will immediately see cost savings.

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