Franklin County Sewer Extension for New Housing2024-03-05T12:47:54-05:00

Franklin County Sewer Extension for New Housing

Franklin County

The READI funds will be used to construct an extension of the Brookville Wastewater system in an area not served by a municipal, or private wastewater collection system. There is much open property already served by electric power and the Franklin County Water Association (private member owned) that can be developed for new housing. The area wastewater is now served by individual septic tank/leach field systems. Subsequently the area is not suited for increased housing density.

With this municipal wastewater collection extension significant numbers of new single family homes can be built. The initial estimate is for 136 new homes with a potential for additional lot sales on nearby property. The system can easily accommodate hundreds more homes. Without the system extension this high number of homes will not be possible.

Additionally, the proven technology used in the system expansion reduces the treatment needed at the wastewater treatment system. The system produces less solids to be sent to the treatment point. This conserves resources needed to treat the wastewater, thus reducing the carbon footprint needed to produce the electric power and the chemicals used to treat the waste before discharge from the plant.

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